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Shooter movie (2020)

Shooter Movie(2020)

Shooter movie (2020).Shooter Movie (2020) best movies

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Shooter movie

# 1 – very bad production, you can easily spot so many errors within the camera team, the lighting and especially the sound recording, it was super funny to watch so many scenes with dialogues of such poor quality (the publisher has always tried to cover it)

# 2- Poor casting – Most of the characters don’t even match their roles, it’s just super funny that they pretend to be someone but don’t even know how this character would actually be. A huge mistake for a Cast movie is the most solid pillar of a movie.

# 3- Throughout this film, you can easily see that it was a completely unforeseen film, the production team made no duty to know the character to establish it on the screen . You can clearly see how unprofessional the production team is.

# 4 – Almost zero direction – The film still depends on the directors and if they don’t know what they’re doing, they shouldn’t be wasting the money. Most of the scenes can be filmed and planned much better to transmit the msg and not show the false scenarios.

# 5 – Poor photography – Their difference is not even 1% between Punjabi video camera techniques and this film. The film crew / lighting crew (if applicable) has no knowledge of lighting and was clearly visible.

I really expected a film on this character for so long but this film completely ruined the character and his reality, I would strongly recommend to all filmmakers not to waste money on this type of production.



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