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marjaavaan full movies

Marjaavaan marjaavaan full movies

Marjaavaan one of best movies

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Marjaavaan (translated. I will die) is a 2019 Indian romantic film written by Milab Zafiri and starring Riteish Deshmukh, Sidharth Malhotra,

Tara Sutaria and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles. Co-producer Bhushan Kumar described the film as “a violent and dramatic love story.”

The film was supposed to premiere on October 2, 2019, but it was delayed and premiered in India on November 15, 2019.

Raghu is the fool devotee of local serial killer Narayan Anna who controls the water mafia from Mumbai, and his father’s dependence on Raghu is not right with Vishnu, whose complexes originate in something more than the height of his palace, is only three feet high.

When Raghu falls in front of Zoya, a cashmere girl with a musical tendency that teaches children music, Vishnu takes the opportunity to use it to discredit Apple’s father, her favorite.

Vishnu kidnaps Jeton (one of his father’s enemies) and tells a boy that Zoya chose at the music festival to shoot him. Zoya sees this and evades, but Vishnu has already alerted its existence. Vishnu tells his father that there was an eyewitness,

so Anna orders Raghu to kill Zoya, not knowing that Raghu loves her. Raghu finds Zoya and tries to escape from Vishnu and his father, but Vishnu stops them and orders to kill Raghu and Zoya and all the children.

Vishnu’s father tells Raghu that he will be with the children safely only if Zoya is killed, she is an eyewitness to Gatund’s death. Zoya asks Raghu to kill her so that he and his children remain safe. Raghu shoots, and Zoya dies in his arms.

Police arrested Raju, who was surprised by Zoya’s murder. In prison, Raju gets depressed and breaks. Vishnu tries to kill Raghu in jail, and see if he has been released,

he will take revenge. However, Raghu hits Vishnu’s compact fools. Vishnu then cut the sanctuary of Raghu’s friend’s shrine because the sanctuary kicked him. When Vishnu’s father tells him that Raju will be sentenced to life imprisonment,

Vishnu helps Raju out bribing evidence because when Raghu leaves, he will kill him. When Raghu is released, Vishnu believes that Raghu is not the same after Zoya’s death. His father tells him that Raghu died the day they killed Zoya.

Vishnu tries several ways to make Raghu return to his old ways, but fails. Vishnu’s father stops him and warns him, but Vishnu kills his father angrily and sends fools to kill Raghu. However, Raghu kills them all and buries them. Visit Zoya’s grave and promise to take revenge on Vishnu; His friends joined him on this mission.

On Doceira’s day, when Vishnu comes to burn Ravana’s idol, Raghu arrives and starts beating all the fools. Vishnu penetrates the arrow into Raghu’s heart but Raghu burns it. During his death, Raghu sees Zoya’s spirit and dies peacefully and is surrounded by friends and family. Police arrived and told the ACP inspector that Raghu had died. ACP responds that Raghu returned to his life, which was with Zoya.




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