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Hacked (2020) Hindi Full Movie

Hacked (2020) Hindi Full MovieHacked (2020)

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Hacked is a Hindi psychological thriller in the Indian language of 2020 directed by Vikram Bhatt and produced by Krishna Bhatt, Amar Thakkar and Jatin Sethi under his label Loneranger Productions. The film stars Hina Khan, Rohan Shah, Mohit Malhotra and Sid Makkar.

His story is mainly about a boy’s love for an older girl and how it becomes an obsession. The main photography began in August 2019.

The film premiered in India on February 7, 2020. Sam (Hina Khan) works in a magazine company, has a neighbor, Vivek (Rohan Shah)

who is in love with her. Sam has a very fragile relationship with her boyfriend, the film director Om Kapoor (Sid Makkar), since he has feelings whenever he likes.

Sam has a birthday party in her apartment where all her friends and colleagues are invited, she breaks when Om doesn’t attend the party, Vivek helps clean the apartment and Sam suddenly falls apart and reveals Om to Vivek in a drunken state .

Vivek tries to comfort her and in the process they both end up making love.

The next morning, Sam wakes up and is surprised to see Vivek sleeping beside him. Om rings the bell and Sam worries, Vivek says he’s fine, to which Sam says he’ll talk to him later.

Sam is still thinking last night at the office meeting to which his boss yells at him for being distracted at the meeting, this is heard by Vivek,

who is outside, gets food for Sam and sends everyone else to lunch. Sam is disturbed and warns Vivek that last night was a mistake, and warns him not to interfere in his personal life.

The next day, Sam sees that he cannot enter his office, his boss then informed him that the company’s files have been hacked from his laptop, to which Sam says he has to know how that happened.

Vivek then calls Sam and reveals that he hacked the company’s files to teach Sam’s boss a lesson. (Vivek had previously hacked the police records and uploaded the name of a mobile seller as most wanted it just because he refused to repair Sam’s phone)

Sam calls Vivek to a cafe and tells him to reverse what he has done. Vivek reveals that he loves her and that he can do anything for her, to which Sam slaps him in front of everyone and warns him to stay away from him.

The rest of the story is how he ruins his life by taking control of her annoying her house and making her miserable.

Then it is revealed that he has also spoiled the lives of other girls just because they had rejected his love.

In the end, Sam takes revenge by killing him right after erasing all the evidence that would prove that Sam killed him.

The case is closed and the police have no evidence of who killed Vivek. Sam is shown leaving the office with his neighbor and childhood friend Rohan Mehra (Mohit Malhotra), apparently showing that Sam has started a new life with him.





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